The company’s core skills are in urban planning, landscape and interior and exterior design. At P3 ideas can flow more freely when architects, structural and environmental engineers work together creatively from the beginning of a project.
By doing so, they can combine their knowledge, and learn from one another, to devise sustainable, fully integrated design solutions.
It is a practice where design and tactical decisions run in relationship to the many constraints and unforeseen developments of any project, whether large or small-scale.The ability to not only accept change and alteration, but to use these critical events in a productive and reinvigorating way is central to the progressive architectural practice of P3 team.
We believe in an inclusive and collaborative approach to both organisational management and design, where the sharing of knowledge and ability, and the exchange of ideas is integral to the creative process.
By listening to and working in partnership with each other, our clients, communities and all of those with whom we engage, we are able to blend inspired concepts with practical commercial experience.